Good news!Cihe 5713 aviation knowledge training hall won the title of “Hubei Province popular science education Base”

Recently, Hubei Science and Technology Association issued a notice on naming “Hubei Science and Technology Education Base (2022-2026)”, located in Shijingchong Village, Cihe Town, Gucheng County, 5713 Factory aviation knowledge training center was approved as “Hubei Science and Technology Education base”.”The popular science education base in hubei province” is named after the provincial society, colleges and universities, research institutes, enterprises association for science and technology association for science and technology, counties and cities, states and made recommendations about the unit, after preliminary examination, expert evaluation to determine, to promote perfecting relevant units science software and hardware conditions, increase the intensity of the popular science activities organization, comprehensive promote science popularization service ability,Lay a solid foundation for the construction of a strong province with science and technology.5713 Factory aviation knowledge training hall is the only aviation knowledge popular science teaching hall in northwest Hubei with complete elements, complete system and abundant teachers, including aviation comprehensive knowledge training hall, aero-engine knowledge training hall and “three lines of memory” cultural theme hall.It has been successively awarded honorary titles such as Xiangyang Popular Science Demonstration Base, Xiangyang Youth Practical Education Base, Xiangyang Staff education and Training Base, and the first batch of National Security Education Base in Xiangyang city.Editor: Chen Kang review: Yu Shan source: cloud on Gucheng email: past selected Hubei Daily named, concerning gucheng these two work good news!Military banhe was selected as the national Forest economic Demonstration base list please long press attention “Gucheng retired soldiers” wechat public number

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