How beautiful the food is

There is a plant or food in front of you. Have you noticed it or observed its color?How beautiful is it? Do you appreciate its uniqueness?A food, an ingredient, maybe it’s so common that people often overlook its beauty.What is the color and color of food and ingredients?For years, I’ve been a passer-by.I will only take, I will only take.For its existence and value, there is no moved, no gratitude, even no feeling.As the pace of life and the pace of mind slowed down, I found that many of the beauty of plants neglected and ignored in the past actually existed in the world and were nurtured by people.I learned to observe food, and I also had my own vision.Learn to appreciate the beauty of food, unconsciously in the heart of the change.Learn to be gentle, thank the existence of beauty, people are gentle, the heart is soft.When the food more respect and kindness, their own more awe heart.The observation of food is actually the observation of one’s own heart.Appreciating the beauty of food is also an investment and projection of inner beauty.Common potherb mustard, white roots, green leaves, the combination is so beautiful, so harmonious.When photographing it, I found its original beauty!Bamboo shoots in the mountains will sprout, with the smell of earth.How beautiful it is to strip off the coat and reveal its true nature!The combination of two different colors of eggs, when shooting, under the action of the light, the egg color has a harmony of beauty!A little cabbage in spring, fresh, fresh, green, like a dancing girl.When shooting it, the heart is pure.How beautiful the cabbage is!Summer lotus, bright green with water droplets, people cherish.When filming them, the heart is more quiet, but also more cool!How beautiful the lotus seeds are!Pomegranate in autumn, orange in autumn, bean pod in autumn, their colors are so rich, so beautiful.When shooting them, the heart will show what a moving!They have a natural beauty!The lotus root in winter is so pure, so pure.Its whiteness is so pure.When I was photographing lotus root, I remembered the green lotus leaf, red lotus and white lotus root in the lotus pond.They are the rhythm of life, and so dynamic, how beautiful the life of plants!Whenever I photograph a plant or a food, MY heart will be moved by its beauty and I will be moved!Touched a vitality to call, whether the color of ginger, is the color of green garlic, is the color of celery, or the color of plum blossom, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, they are plants, they are the same food materials.Their beauty is low-key, is introverted, their life of vitality and connotation is often dedicated to people.One dish, one meal, one table, one chair, one plant, one tree, one insect, one bird, their color, their posture, their fragrance, their forest is always beautiful, is true, is pure!When they appear one by one in front of my eyes, give me is moved, is feeling, is grateful……Photo: The world of voiceless sounds

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