An explosion occurred at jiangxi Bailida Pharmaceutical Co. LTD on March 11

At 1:39 on March 11, 2022, an explosion occurred in Jiangxi Bailida Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Tonggu County, Yichun City, resulting in one death and two injuries.The provincial emergency management Department attaches great importance to this, and the main leaders of the department instruct to strengthen the dispatching, spare no effort to treat the injured, do a good job in the aftermath of the security and stability, and strictly implement the “three uniform” measures;In the morning of March 11, we will dispatch the on-site rescue and disposal situation via video link to guide the accident investigation and disposal work.After the accident, tonggu government leaders and relevant departments rushed to the scene quickly, carry out the accident rescue and emergency disposal work, establish the emergency rescue group, accident investigation, treatment group, the on-site maintenance group and other four working groups, to carry out the reasons for the accident emergency rescue, investigation, field work and aftermath disposal ways.At present, two of the injured have been hospitalized and their injuries are stable and non-life threatening.The results of environmental monitoring show that there is no pollution effect on the surrounding environment and no secondary environmental pollution.The provincial emergency management department earnestly implement the provincial party committee and provincial government “two sessions” during the safety production work requirements, quickly sent a working group to the scene, survey the accident site, read the relevant drawings, requirements strictly implement the “three are”, do a good job of accident investigation and treatment and follow-up disposal work.According to preliminary information, the direct cause of the accident was caused by an explosion in a reactor in workshop 101 of the company (no fire was caused). Yichun Municipal government has set up an accident investigation team and is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the specific cause.The provincial security commission office issued a circular, requiring deep lessons from the accident, fully understand the extreme importance of the current dangerous chemical safety production work, solid progress in the centralized management of dangerous chemical safety risks, in-depth carry out the “fight against non-law and prevent violations” consolidation and promotion of the battle, urge the implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises, resolutely curb the occurrence of accidents.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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