Can second liver patient eat every day for card wei turn shade?Who’s better than Tenofovir?

To the person that got second liver, take medicine to be able to turn shade perhaps one of the problems that they care most, be not afraid to eat for a long time, be afraid to eat less than good result, want to spend money for long not only.Some people may also worry that eating for a long time will have side effects, worry that the disease is not good, and will eventually cause other effects on health, which may be a reason why many people reject eating for a long time.Got second liver, if need is treated, antiviral is very necessary a method, take medicaments among them is one of specific measure.So, for patients, take a daily entecavir can turn negative?Compared to other types, like tenofovir, who works better?How to choose?Next, I will talk to you. I hope you can treat liver friends correctly and use drugs scientifically.Got second liver, eat an en for kavi everyday, can you turn shade?It is the first line of treatment, generally speaking, if started under the right circumstances, and taken correctly, it is possible to turn negative.But I believe that for patients, we all know that this is a relatively long process, many people need to take it for a long time, in this process, the patient’s mentality is easily affected.Although some patients have indeed been eating, but some people may eat too early, or take their own adjustment during the examination found that the amount of virus in the body is less on the reduction, eat for a period of time to stop for a period of time, which is easy to reduce the efficacy, reduce the negative rate.Whether can turn negative, it is not good to generalize, after all, each patient’s condition is different, different progress, in addition, everyone’s living habits are different, especially dietary habits, and this will also affect the treatment effect of drugs.But it is certain that the effect of this drug is relatively strong, even if long-term use, drug resistance rate is relatively low, and the side effects are smaller, correct and persistent use, is more likely to control the disease as soon as possible.In addition, during this period, also hope patients to maintain a good state of mind, do not worry, and to develop good living habits.Some patients have been eating this kind of, but later heard others say that the effect of eating other is better, so they want to change to other, here to remind you, without the doctor’s advice, it is best not to casually change medicine, even if the other is better, but may not be suitable for their own, we will compare.Besides Entecavir, tenofovir, which one is more effective?Some of the advantages of entecavir have been mentioned above, but there are also disadvantages: some patients may develop lactic acidosis;The effect is better when it is taken on an empty stomach, which may not be very compliance for patients and may be easy to miss.If it is also taking other kinds of drugs, it is more susceptible and has an increased chance of developing resistance.Say tenofovir, in effect, it also compare the effect of strong, on this basis, it also makes up for some deficiencies, such as for childbearing age women, also can take, it’s taking time not so strict, is not easily affected by diet, patients compliance or even higher, cross resistance and is not easy to happen.Tenofovir may seem like a better drug, but it has a downside: it can affect kidney and bone health, and may not be suitable for patients with kidney and bone diseases.Therefore, these two drugs have their own advantages and disadvantages, but as for the possible side effects, generally speaking, the incidence is relatively low, patients can rest assured to take, should not give up eating for choking.What kind of good, to see their more suitable for which, choose the right, antiviral effect will be better.Not only this kind, for other kinds, such as lamivudine, in fact, is the same truth, we all have strengths and weaknesses, do not have to contend for the first, learn from each other is more important, defeat hepatitis B virus this enemy is more important.In addition to this treatment, the effect of interferon treatment is also better, but in comparison, the cost is higher, cost-effective is not very high, for the average family, the first method may be more suitable.Finally, what should remind liver friend is, no matter what eat is which kind, do not oneself stop medicine at will, although virus quantity reduced, also cannot worry, everything should combine examination result, carry on reasonably below doctor guidance.[1] Entecavir: Unravelling the mystery of hepatitis B antiviral.[2] Who is better in the “giant” drugs against hepatitis B virus?[3] Entecavir says “NO” to drug resistance of hepatitis B virus.China Youth Network.2015.02.04

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