Why hasn’t the Titanic been salvaged 109 years after it sank?

Ships have been one of the necessary tools for human navigation since ancient times.Since ancient times, there have been many human beings who made contributions to China’s commerce and politics through maritime trade. For example, Zheng He’s voyages to the Western Seas in the Ming Dynasty greatly expanded China’s reputation and influence.Zheng He’s voyages to the Western Seas during the Republic of China were to reach different countries by ship.In order to see the beauty of the sea, many people take to the sea with friends and relatives to increase their distance.Ship in addition to do sailing but also can capture Marine life, we eat fish, sardines and so on are ships at sea in the wind and waves brought back.Going out to sea is an extremely dangerous activity, especially in the face of huge waves. In the dark, deep night, the sky is flashing with thunder and the wind is howling, and boats that are not up to standard can easily sink beneath the waves.That’s why human ships have evolved, from wooden ships to steel ships, increasing their size, hardness and ability to withstand storms.Although these ships are powerful enough, but the history also appeared a huge ship sinking case, that is, the Titanic incident, and has not been salvaged, why on earth?The Titanic movie was released in 1994. The tragic love between Rose and Jack touched many people.The film was instantly deserted.Director Cameron uses dramatic storytelling to tell this tragic love story.But this is just a representative piece of work that came out of the sinking of the real Titanic.We often say that art comes from life but life is higher than art.Because the stories in the real world are so sad.Titanic is very huge, by foreign media called the unsinkable ship, even if the dark, stormy sea has no way to take him.The Titanic was so beautifully decorated and sumptuous that it was so popular on its first voyage that customers flocked to the bottom of the ship, wanting to experience the extravaganza.The Titanic set sail on April 10, 1912, during a particularly mild winter with little sea ice and a migration out into the Atlantic.When Captain Smith took the Titanic to sea around noon, he increased his speed to maximum when he saw that the sea was calm. As an experienced captain, Smith would not take any chances.In the meantime, he instructed his crew to pay attention to the direction of the ship and whether icebergs and other unexpected factors could be encountered.But the crew, too, seemed to be reveling in the festivities, oblivious to the coming storm.It was not until 23:00 that night that the crew realized that a huge glacier was moving towards them. They quickly alerted the captain but it was too late. The ship had already hit an iceberg.Designers at this time also quickly make calculations and judgment, the Titanic has been determined to sink.In order to save the remaining survivors, the captain ordered the crew to calm everyone present and quickly carry out rescue measures.But the passengers’ failure to be fearless in the face of such a massive natural and man-made disaster has made the rescue mission extremely difficult.Everyone was trying to get out, which resulted in more than half of the estimated number of people being saved.The ship, with 1,500 people remaining, split in two and collapsed as the iceberg became more powerful.All go down with the ship and never wake up.Such a huge accident also caused a sensation all over the world, everyone felt sad and sorry for the accident, why the huge ship cost a huge sum of money to build can not resist the attack of the iceberg?It starts with his foundation.The Titanic was built by White Sail Star in a competitive market that merged with the International Shipping Company of the United States.To cement its position, the company decided to build a huge seafaring ship, magnificent but strong enough to stand firm in the face of rough seas.Inside the Titanic the displacement of the Titanic was 46,000 tons, much higher than the largest ships in the world.In fact, the Titanic didn’t hit the whole iceberg, but the tip of it.According to survivors, the situation was so chaotic that it was impossible to pay attention to how it sank in order to protect themselves.Experts have proposed salvaging the Titanic in an effort to find the cause of its sinking.Major difficulties were also encountered at this time.Because Titanic is sunk in the deep sea area, but the science and technology at that time did not have the ability to dive into the deep sea to salvage the wreck.But as The Times progressed, many deep-sea adventurers formed a voluntary group to salvage the Titanic, which was only discovered in 1985 at a depth of 3,700 meters.The wreck is now nearly 110 years old, and bringing it to shore is technically demanding.Even with all of this technology, the pressure at the bottom of the ocean is so high, there’s no way to fully lift the ship against that pressure.And The Titanic in the sea experienced years of corrosion, its components and so on have suffered varying degrees of damage, if the forced salvage is afraid on the way has been broken.Based on samples from the Titanic brought back by divers, scientists have carried out a thorough analysis of its composition.At that time, White Voyage used the most popular steel in order to build the perfect ship.This steel will break under certain stresses and folds, and even the worst of the Marine steels in use today can withstand v-shaped pressures.Moreover, steel becomes even more vulnerable to the cold, which makes it impossible to escape the impact of icebergs.It was also a disaster waiting to happen.Conclusion The Titanic could not be salvaged because of the lack of modern technology, some scientists predict that in twenty years this ship will be lost forever in the world.The sinking of the Titanic also taught all ship companies a hard lesson that safety matters should never be ignored, no matter where or when.Because it was supposed to be an avoidable iceberg collision, but simple negligence caused thousands of lives on board the ship to be lost forever.Accidents happen, and we have to be very careful to survive.

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