Spring Festival Gala: singing and dancing better, uneven sketch, Shen Teng modeling color, Zhang Xiaofei success with goods

First of all, I wish you a happy New Year again to the annual Spring Festival Gala, this year’s Spring Festival Gala, what do you think?Language programs have always been the focus of attention. The sketches on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala include “Father and Son” by Sun Tao and Wang Lei, “Not Yet” by Shen Teng and Ma Li, “Double Happiness” by Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei, “Sending red envelopes” by Jia Bing, Sha Yi and Bao Beier, and “The Story of the Rest Area” by Guo Donglin.Sun Tao and Wang Lei team up, in the sketch “Father and Son” sun Tao plays a “demon” but “eager to improve the relationship between father and son” little old man, in the sketch Sun Tao jokes that his son is busy with work, only “ah”, “ah”, between the father and son work, life views are different.Subsequently, and staged the play of birth.For this sketch, everyone’s view is different, some people ridicule sketch in the rules, some people praise its grounding gas shenteng and Ma Li partner on the stage, for everyone brought the sketch “not yet”.Happy mahua team for everyone to bring “old lai” theme of the sketch, Shen Teng modelling, caused the audience burst into laughter.Many netizens said that the Spring Festival Gala or to see Shen Teng and Ma Li, even personal partner tacit understanding, Shen Teng rich expression, posing immediately caused the audience burst into laughter.At the same time, the social problem in the sketch “Not Yet” is “the problem of old dependents”.The final turning point of the sketch is shen Teng as Lao Lai, in the hurt of chang Yuan and Alan these two friends, a heart to heart, let Lao Lai woke up.The ending theme sublimates.Jia Ling and Zhang Xiaofei joined hands with the members of Big Bowl Entertainment to present the skit “Double Joy”.Classic relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, bring something new: short video creation.In the film, Zhang played Jia Ling’s mother, and this time Jia Ling played Zhang’s mother-in-law.As usual, Zhang Xiaofei appeared on the gala stage and immediately planted her coat.The hot search term “Zhang Xiaofei overcoat” quickly became a hit, with online platforms offering the same “flat price” for the coat.Unexpectedly, this time Zhang Xiaofei successfully brought goods, Amway his private service.Guo Donglin’s sketch “The Story of the Rest Area” focuses on the epidemic protection of the medical staff, Guo Donglin and “daughter-in-law” family conflict born, the director took the epidemic on a business trip, successfully mediated the contradiction of the couple, let each other realize the position of each other in their hearts.Lu Xin, Yuhao brought crosstalk “like”, said to learn funny singing, qinqiang rock, open singing, the audience friends follow the song, rhythmically clapped applaud.This year’s song and dance performance is very brilliant, netizens comment: “More than ten years ago, the Spring Festival Gala, the sketch is always the biggest hotspot, when the song and dance performance would like to sleep, this year is the reverse.”The girls performed only this green, its graceful and powerful dance excerpts, won the public praise.Ancient dress and powerful, neat performance, so that many audiences applauded.Han hong, liu huan works respectively, liu huan teacher in Spring Festival gala on its axis is almost, affection leisurely to the song “you are the gift of my life”, spun “friends”, “ShaLaLaLa (Sally!!!), Alan tam, Kenny bee, a chinese-language new, Chen have, Cao Rongzhen bring two gay, rhythm of the song, spunDirectly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience.The audience clapped their hands to beat the rhythm of the music.Many netizens said that they did not expect to be a few “old boy” with blood.Zhang Wei, Wang Mian two people brought homophonic terrier to the Spring Festival Gala stage, these “bad” to make people laugh constantly homophonic terrier, is really very interesting.However, it was the stage of the gala after all, and it was clear that the two were not completely free on the stage.Considering the gala stage and taking care of the audience of all ages, the two are much more restrained than on Talk Show Convention.Of course, the same is the tradition, the program to Li Guyi teacher “Unforgettable Tonight” over.Hearing the song “Unforgettable Tonight” sounded, seems to have become their own routine to watch the Spring Festival Gala.The year is over and the New Year is beginning. Happy New Year to you all again!What do you think of the Gala?Leave a comment in the comments section!

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