Spring Festival ticket prices cut?

According to the State Film Administration, China’s box office took in 6.035 billion yuan during the holiday, making it the second-highest Spring Festival box office in film history.The Spring Festival season, the biggest in film history, was released in 2021 and grossed 7.843 billion yuan.The national box office fell 23 percent this Spring Festival compared with last year.In addition to the decline in the total box office, the public is more concerned about the decline in attendance.The main reason for the “double cut” was the high ticket prices during this year’s Spring Festival.Why are movie tickets so expensive this Spring Festival?Are high ticket prices to blame for the drop in attendance?According to beacon Professional, 132 million people went to the movies in 2019 and 160 million in 2021 (the Spring Festival was canceled in 2020 due to the epidemic).In 2022, it was 114 million, 46 million fewer than in 2021 and the lowest in nearly four years.The drop in attendance has been blamed on high ticket prices during this year’s Lunar New Year holiday.An analysis report on consumer rights protection during the Spring Festival released by the China Consumers Association on February 15 criticized the high ticket prices.During the monitoring period, daily public opinion ridicule was mainly directed at the ticket price. Many consumers who were willing to watch the movie were discouraged by the high ticket price.The ticket price of “The Four Seas”, which is not a 3D film, exceeded 100 yuan in some counties.”Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” reached 105 to 135 yuan in some areas;A ticket for “The Professional” costs nearly 150 yuan.Consumers have a point.According to lighthouse Professional, the average annual movie ticket prices in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 were 34.4 yuan, 35.3 yuan, 37.1 yuan, 37 yuan and 40.3 yuan, respectively.The average price of Spring Festival tickets in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 is 37.8 yuan/ticket, 39.7 yuan/ticket, 44.7 yuan/ticket and 48.9 yuan/ticket respectively.The average ticket price for this year’s Spring Festival is 52.8 yuan, and the average ticket price in first-tier cities is as high as 66.4 yuan, making it the “most expensive Spring Festival” in the industry.Since 2014, maoyan, Taopiaopiao, Nuomi and other Internet platforms have entered the movie market, ushering in the “ticket subsidy era”.Ticket premium is when the offline channel is the only channel to sell tickets, a part of the production budget is used for promotion, in order to drive ticket sales in the first few days of cinemas opening.In 2014, the “9.9 yuan ticket price” made people rush into the cinema crazily;In 2015, the national box office was 44 billion yuan.However, with the increase of online ticket purchase platforms, the market competition intensifies, and the competition of ticket supplement has also entered a white-hot stage.That year, Lin Ning, then CEO of Micro Film Times, said that all parties had invested 4 billion yuan in ticket compensation for the whole year.In 2016, the competition for ticket replacement intensified, with the total amount of ticket replacement for the Spring Festival alone reaching 1 billion yuan.In 2018, the regulator issued a policy to stop all online ticket supplement, including third-party and cinemas’ own channels, and the 9.9 yuan ticket disappeared.Without the “ticket subsidy”, movie ticket prices began to return to normal, and the Spring Festival ticket price increased year by year.Industry insiders said in interviews that cinemas usually have the final say on ticket prices.But at the beginning of the pricing process, studios and theaters will set a minimum release price, and theaters cannot sell tickets below this minimum.The record high ticket prices for the 2022 Spring Festival are mainly due to the high minimum release prices of some films, the limited number of audiences and the length of films.This year, the lowest release price of films is generally very high, such as “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, “Four Seas” and “Sniper”, the lowest release price is 35 yuan;Second, unlike previous Chinese New Year movies, which are usually between 95 and 110 minutes long, two Chinese New Year movies last for more than 120 minutes — “Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake” (149 minutes), “Four Rivers” (128 minutes), “Miracle and Stupid Kids” (106 minutes) and “The Killer” (109 minutes).The 149 minutes of “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” is 1.5 times longer than ordinary New Year movies.Faced with longer and fewer shows, studios will no doubt have to raise ticket prices per show to compensate.The income of a cinema mainly depends on film box office share, sales income, advertising income, rental income, business cooperation, membership card and other aspects.In most cases, domestic box office revenue can account for 65% to 80% of total revenue, making it the main source of revenue for cinemas.The box office revenue of cinemas is closely related to attendance, because the epidemic has affected attendance, cinemas can only adjust ticket prices.It can be seen that under a variety of factors, if cinemas want to make money, they can only raise ticket prices, which seems to be not a good strategy, but it can “save the day”.Is it reasonable to see high ticket prices during the Spring Festival?Insiders say this is the market behavior of supply and demand.At the same time, there are industry insiders believe that the decrease in moviegoers is not only in the Spring Festival.Data from Top’s Film Ticket Price Study 2021 show that, even excluding the impact of COVID-19, cinema attendance has been declining every year since 2017 as ticket prices have been rising.From 2017 to 2019, the average ticket price rose from 34.42 yuan to 37.11 yuan, while the attendance rate dropped from 13.22 percent to 10.78 percent.In 2021, After experiencing the boom of the Spring Festival, Chinese films will quickly fall into a trough, and even the summer holiday season fails to create a good performance.The National Day holiday “Changjin Lake” set off another high tide, since then, the curve has declined.Yin Hong, a professor at Tsinghua University, told Beijing Youth Daily: “The box office effect of films during holidays is very strong, and producers will scramble for the holiday season.Regular weekdays and even weekends have not returned to the past movie-watching habits.That’s a lot of pressure on 80,000 screens across the country.Restoring and cultivating audiences’ daily movie consumption habits is of urgent significance for the development of Chinese films.”When it comes to this year’s Spring Festival, industry experts believe that part of the audience loss is due to high ticket prices and a lack of blockbuster films.On the other hand, with the gradual maturity of the Development of the Spring Festival, the diversification of film type supply is the general trend, and the light and happy content is still the demand of the schedule.This year, by contrast, there are two war films and only one comedy among the eight films slated for the Spring Festival.Film critic Tan Fei said in an interview on the homogeneity of several films, “It is particularly important to arrange the cast and schedule of films during the Spring Festival. Only when the quality and content are parallel can they fit in with the audience’s psychology.”As of Feb. 11, the price of Sniper, Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake and The Miracle Kid had been announced.After all, movie consumption belongs to the market, and it seems impossible to expect ticket prices to be the same during the Spring Festival.But cinema survival difficulties, not a Spring Festival can be saved.Only by increasing the supply, diversifying the creation and improving the quality of Chinese films can they become more competitive and attractive.(Reporter Xiao Yang)

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