I miss the smell of rain

Author: Li Li rainwater solar term.At the age of four, spring, summer, autumn and winter are the 24 solar terms, each with its own unique meaning.Rain water solar term meaning is the beginning of rain, rain gradually increase.After the beginning of spring, the east wind thawed, tianyishengshui, scattered and rain.If I had been in the south at this moment, the earth would have been a picture of early spring, warm in the sun, misty in the rain, green in the fields, and the sound of partridges.But now I am in the north, where the temperature has just warmed up. I look around and see nothing but bleak, yellow and withered vegetation.The shadow of the long winter is not far away, and seeds and roots of perennial plants still sleep deep in the dry hard soil.Suddenly I miss the smell of rain.How do you describe the smell?When the rain stopped, the smell came to my face.Vague thunder, cloudy sky, nature seems to have some kind of force in the cohesion.When the people on earth were not looking, something suddenly woke up.This is the hidden mystery of the season in the clouds, waiting for a incisive release.Before rain comes, there is a special smell in the air, due to a sharp rise in humidity.It was a damp, damp smell that billowed in the air, heralding the arrival of a storm.The rain began to fall at last.Rain silk flaps on the face, clear cool and refreshing cool, taking comfortable itch making a person again, as if can be exhausted soul catharsis thoroughly.It is wet from the inside out in the south during the plum rain season.The falling rain drops on the eaves, falling in front of the window like a curtain of water, people on the street playing umbrellas have all kinds of colors, black, purple, red, yellow…Vegetation was cleaned to be fresh and tender crystal, leaves, grass leaves on the faint green fragrance, in the rain immersion more powerful.When rain falls, falling raindrops carry scent molecules from the ground into the air.If you are in a wooded country suburb, you can smell the peculiar fragrance of vegetation;If you’re in the city, you smell concrete and asphalt.These are washed by the rain and brought out the smell, because of the environment, the smell will change, sometimes even in the rain can smell the smell of rock, metal.The smell of rain in my childhood memories, all is the strong smell of grass, because my home town, the mountains are high foggy, green water, and is a forest coverage rate of 75.27% of the national forest city, national garden city, the rain from the sky, from the sky to the earth of this period of trip, pick up is where the smell of the natural environment.In addition, when rain moistens soil, actinomycete activity is accelerated (actinomycete is primarily responsible for the decay of soil animal and plant remains), and the myriad odors stored in the soil escape into the air as water molecules evaporate.The smell is normally hidden only in the soil, not in the air.This is part of the “smell of rain,” which is not simply the smell of earth. There are as many subtle soil smells as there are complex stratigraphic microbial environments.In this way of thinking, every rain, big or small, is so profound, because every drop of rain is beating in the depths of the soil, so that the countless hidden objects beneath the ground, thrilling awakening.Moreover, the touching of rain and soil is a very long story.When a rain comes, about 60 to 80 percent of the water that falls on the ground is absorbed by plants, evaporates in sunlight, and runs off the surface.The rest will seep into the ground, embarking on a journey of exploration deeper into the soil.Every clear and sweet spring water we drink, from a deep well, may have come from a rain witnessed by ancient people thousands of years ago.After the deep filtration of soil sand and stones, and the long darkness underground, the water we drink from springs and Wells is actually the rain hidden under the stratum, filtered and sweet through time.In addition to the above smell, the air is always fresh after a thunderstorm, and there is a faint smell of fresh grass, which seems to smell sweet, due to the low level of ozone in the air.In the forest, under waterfalls, seaside, river, can smell such a smell.Remember the rainy childhood memories, there is always a wet sweet and warm, because there are often thunderstorms in the south, after the thunderstorm, the air produced a small amount of ozone, it can purify the air, kill bacteria, so the air after the thunderstorm is always special fresh.After heavy rain, go out to stroll a circle, fresh and pleasant air swims at nasal cavity, that call a relaxed.Remember when I was a child with a small umbrella, wearing rain boots to run between a puddle, regardless of whether the rain splashed wet clothes.I think of the loud croak of the frogs when I walk across the pond after a rain. It sounds like a mysterious concert, full of joy.The rhythm of the falling rain falls on my ears, it sounds more like the joyful music, singing for the carefree childhood.When I was a child, I stood in the thick rain and breathed deeply. A faint sweetness entered my chest with my breath, always bringing a happy mood.When does it rain in Xi ‘an?Southern spring, spring rain, sometimes is half a month, the childhood memory of the “tick-tock” rain sound, at this moment, just like the echo in the ear.Accompanied by the sound of rain in the void, I thought about some old things and tried to relive the old joy. For a moment, I seemed to be standing on the lawn soaked with rain, and the smell of grass was dense around me.Breeze blowing grass tip a quiver quiver, the crystal drops shake down, falling on the wet land, the smell of rain, rain smell, rain smell, with time, on the face……

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