Xingxian county: Let the fruits of development benefit the people in the old base areas

Xingxian Youlan Middle School teachers use teacher ride card ride.Photo by Li Feng recently, xing County teachers hands more than a teacher bus card, with the card can ride the bus for free.Small bus card is humble, but behind the county government is carrying the care and love of teachers.The majority of teachers have expressed that they should strive to fulfill the initial mission of education workers and make their own contributions to the education cause that the people are satisfied with.The free rides for teachers are understood to be just the beginning.In the next step, Xing County will gradually implement free public transport for all urban and rural residents, and intensify efforts in the areas of people’s livelihood that the people care about, so that all the people in the county can enjoy the fruits of development.As an old revolutionary base area, in recent years, the county has made gratifying achievements in economic and social development, but the unbalanced development of people’s livelihood area still exists.To this end, this year’s county party committee economic work will “focus on improving people’s livelihood, enhance high quality development index” determined as the next major direction of work, and deployment from five key areas.Education is the most important aspect of people’s livelihood, and it is the people’s fervent desire to make education more satisfactory to them.The county will be comprehensive, accurate, high-quality implementation of good people satisfaction education 36 measures, item by item cash;We should integrate the development of preschool education, compulsory education, senior secondary education and vocational education.Renovate and expand 2 high-standard public kindergartens to accelerate the development of inclusive kindergartens;Fully implement the “double reduction policy” to achieve “full coverage” of after-school services;We will accelerate the construction of the county-level vocational education center and Youlan Junior Middle School and ensure that they will be put into use by September.The settlement of employment is the hard support for the stable increase of rural residents’ income, and it is particularly important to promote higher quality employment.This year, the county will further promote the “everyone with a certificate, skills society” to enhance the project, the construction of the “entrepreneurship center”, for the county public training base to start, focus on creating “Xingxian skilled workers” “Shansuiyuan flavor” and other labor characteristics of the brand;We should pay close attention to the three links of “certificate holding, employment and income increase”, strengthen skills training, and realize a virtuous circle of promoting employment with skills and increasing income with employment.Promote the health level of the whole people, and strive to build regional medical center in northwest Shanxi.To promote the county people’s hospital in a new starting point of high-quality development, improve the grass-roots medical service system, explore the establishment of county and township level hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and remote consultation mechanism;Increase support for the development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, promote the integration of Traditional Chinese and western medicine, and strengthen cooperation and exchange with Shanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital;We will bring in all kinds of talents, strengthen training of medical and technical personnel, further improve the level of medical services and services, and promote high-quality development of health care.Improving city quality is the main way to enhance people’s sense of gain and happiness.The county will steadily promote the work of “creating a city”, guided by socialist core values, enhance citizens’ awareness of civilization, regulate citizens’ civilized behavior, and create a civilized atmosphere in the city.At the same time, the county pays attention to the nurturing role of culture, and actively promotes the construction of “one palace, one pavilion and three centers” project, creating the red Party construction theme park, double support theme park, the rule of law theme park, sports theme park, etc.The third phase of the renovation project of old residential areas will be launched, the second phase of the shantytown renovation project will be continued, and the progress of the supporting road renovation project in the third phase will be accelerated.We will optimize bus stops, realize intelligent and dynamic management, effectively open up the “aorta”, unblock the “microcirculation”, and dredge the “intestinal obstruction”, and maximize the convenience of people’s travel.We will improve the social security system so that the people can rely on it.We will implement a mechanism for dynamically adjusting subsistence allowances, and raise subsistence allowances and the level of services provided to retired military personnel as appropriate.We will accelerate the construction of county-level funeral homes, and simultaneously develop county-level cemeteries and village-level cemeteries.In addition, the county will also focus on a number of the people’s livelihood to: build nursing and rehabilitation center for the disabled, the county level shall make three community endowment center, 15 new village day care centers, more than 1500 parking Spaces in the urban planning construction, construction of urban and rural public toilet 20, renovation of old village, 35, 2000 households in urban and rural dry construction public fitness plaza and so on.People’s wellbeing is the foundation for people’s happiness and social harmony.Xingxian county wei secretary Qiao Yun solemnly promises: beginner’s mind should always bear in mind that seeks happiness for the people, closely around the people’s yearning for a better life, strive to solve the people most concerned about the most direct the most realistic problems, vigorously implement the livelihood of the people quality engineering, new financial preferential investment enterprise of the people’s livelihood, strive to do a good job in every thing, let the reform development achievement more better benefit in old people.Liu Xianfang (Editor: Ma Yunmei, Chu Jialin)

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