Equipped with 1.5T engine, 7.5L fuel consumption per 100 km, starting at 64,900 yuan, static experience Jetu X70M

Can you buy your favorite mid-size SUV for less than 100,000 yuan?This car is a medium-sized SUV with a 1.5T engine and a low fuel consumption of 7.5L per 100 kilometers. The official guiding price is 649-95,900 yuan. It is Jietu X70M.Experience model: Jetto X70M 2021 1.5T DCT Luxury companion, official guide price is 89,900 yuan.Express way X70M type 2021 1.5 T DCT luxury partner on the left side of the 45 ° appearance design of appearance design, the overall design of more handsome atmosphere, a large area of the face before using the intake grille, internal design a lot of horizontal chrome plated adornment grille, and on both sides of the lamps are connected together, looks very handsome, adopted at the bottom of the black chrome plating,Increased feeling of movement.Jetu X70M 2021 1.5T DCT luxury companion from the front and side, the top line is relatively grand, increasing the overall sense of sport, the body design of the line through, carrying inch 17-inch rim, length, width and height are 4755x1885x1695mm, wheelbase is 2745mm.Jetway X70M 2021 1.5T DCT luxury companion side tail, the top design spoiler design, and design through the line, increase the overall visual width, with two side split brake lights, the bottom is also equipped with bilateral double exhaust, increase the overall sense of movement.In terms of interior style, Jetway X70M 2021 1.5T DCT luxury companion is equipped with 10.1-inch central control screen, 4.3-inch non-full LCD dashboard, multi-function control steering wheel, etc., the overall design of interior is more grand,Silver chrome is added to the edges to add a stylish feel, and the interior is designed to be durable and durable.Jetway X70M 2021 1.5T DCT luxury companion interior space size space, the height of the experience 175cm, into the back row space is relatively spacious, can cross legs, and two rows of seats can adjust the Angle of the backrest, always can find their own posture.In addition, the space of the trunk is not small, the interior is relatively smooth, and the two rows also support to put down, so that the space of the trunk is larger.JTC X70M 2021 1.5T DCT deluxe Companion is equipped with ABS anti-lock braking, brake assist, main/co-pilot airbags, tire pressure monitoring system, reversing image, cruise control, keyless entry, keyless start, etc.Configuration or relatively complete.Jetu X70M 2021 1.5T DCT deluxe companion, equipped with 1.5T engine, maximum power 115kW, maximum torque 230N·m, matching 6 keep dry dual clutch transmission,NEDC comprehensive fuel consumption 7.6L/100km.Jetway X70M 2021 1.5T DCT luxury partner engine cabin finally summed up jetway X70M is defined as a medium-sized SUV, fashion design, space is relatively spacious, in the adjustment is also suitable for family use, travel large space will be more comfortable, how do you think this car?Feel free to interact with me in the comments below.The event will run from February 21, 2022 to February 23, 2022

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