Pordolino is Umberto Eco’s most whimsical mystery novel

Pordolino by Umberto Ecko, Translated by Yang Mengzhe, Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2020, July ISBN: 9787532784868 pricing:89.00 yuan more than the wave Reno “content abstract wave more rino is umberto Egypt’s clever suspense novel, the book is in the middle ages the expansion of the holy Roman empire and the fall of Constantinople as the background, the hero a liar rino is a talent, he claimed that he tells everything is false, but the funny thing is,His lies always come true as soon as he speaks.Story around Bordolino invented the “Grail legend”, a line of people toward the mysterious East launched a grand journey……Umberto Eco (1932-2016) was an important European public intellectual, novelist, symbologist, aesthetician, historian, and philosopher.Born in Alexandria, Italy, professor at the University of Bologna.He is the author of numerous novels and essays, such as The Name of the Rose, Foucault’s Place, Yesterday’s Island, Bordolino, Queen Loana’s Mysterious Flame, Prague Cemetery, Trial Number and Minerva Matchbox.Table of Contents 1 Bordolino begins to write /1 2 Bordolino meets Nikita Zignaitis /11 3 Bordolino explains to Nikita when he was a child /27 4 Bordolino talks to the Emperor and falls in love with the empress /43 5 Bordolino gives Frederick wise advice /53 6Bordolino goes to Paris /65 Chapter vii Bordolino writes love Letters to Beatrice,Chapter VIII Portolino in the Garden of Eden /89 Nine Portolino rebukes the Emperor and tempts the Queen /105 Portolino finds wise men of the East and makes saints for Charlemagne /113 Portolino builds a palace for The priest King John /125Bordolino writes a letter from King John the Priest /137 13 Bordolino witnesses the birth of a city /151 14 Bordolino saves Alexandria with his father’s oxen /173 Bordolino at the Battle of Lignano 15201 16 Bordolino is taken in by Left Seymour 211 17Portolino discovers that King John the priest has written to too many people /225 18 Portolino and Corlandina /233 19 Portolino changes the name of his city /239 20 Portolino finds Left Seymour /247 21 Portolino and the Byzantine Constancy /261 22 Portolino loses his father,Finding the Grail /271 2 3 Bordolino of the Third Crusade /283 24 Bordolino comes to the castle of Azzuroni /295 25 Bordolino sees Frederick die twice /311 26 Bordolino’s journey with the Magi of the East /329 27Bordolino in the darkness of Abucasia /347 28 Bordolino crosses the Sabbath River /361 29 Bordolino arrives at Pentar Pegin /369 30 Bordolino visits Deacon John /385 trinity Bordolino awaits departure for the kingdom of King John the priest /399 32Portolino sees a woman with a unicorn /415 Three Three Portolino meets Ipagia /425 three four Portolino finds his true love /445 three five Portolino against the White Hans /455 three six Portolino and the Rocker bird /465 sevenBordolino enriches Byzantine treasures /477 38 Bordolino liquidation /493 39 capital hermit Bordolino /513 40 Bordolino has left /529 Selling bay mall – authentic low price, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall for buying and selling treasures

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