These GRE test centers are back open!Check out the latest test time of each test center in the country

According to the latest news from ETS, GRE test will resume in Nanchang and Hohhot, jiangxi Normal University and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University respectively.At present, the NEEA GRE online test system is open for registration.At present, there are enough offline test places in February and March. The following is the earliest test time that can be booked at the test centers in cities across the country. Please register as soon as possible to grab the ideal test place and test date:Beijing On March 13, Tianjin on March 19, Shijiazhuang on February 26, Taiyuan on February 18 Hefei on February 26 Xiamen on February 26, Fuzhou on February 18 Nanjing on July 2, Suzhou on February 18, Nantong on February 26, Yangzhou on February 18, Xuzhou on February 18,Nanchang February 18 Jinan February 26, Qingdao February 26, Weifang February 18, Linyi February 26 Shanghai March 13, Hangzhou March 13, Ningbo March 13 Guangzhou February 18, Shenzhen March 13, Dongguan February 26,Haikou March 19 Zhengzhou March 13, Wuhan March 13, Changsha February 26 Harbin February 18, Dalian February 18, Shenyang March 13 Lanzhou February 26, Hohhot March 13, Xi ‘an March 13 Chongqing February 18, Chengdu February 18,In order to create a safe environment for GRE test takers during the COVID-19 outbreak in Kunming, all GRE test centers will carry out disinfection and quarantine inspection in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control requirements.Be sure to check the quarantine policies and measures of the test center and its city in advance.2. Arrive at the test site 30 minutes or earlier than the normal test arrival time to ensure sufficient time to complete the quarantine inspection process.

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