Deep observation: backward motorcycle ban, should not put the electric motorcycle also a stick to kill!

At present, the country has 28 provinces and cities involved in more than 200 cities have a motorcycle ban policy, some of the city motorcycle ban, some part of the road or time motorcycle ban.It has been 37 years since the first motorcycle ban in 1985, and many people still don’t understand why motorcycles are banned!Why is motorcycle racing banned?That’s the question on many people’s minds.At present, there is no official exact version, some people say that because the fuel motorcycle will cause environmental pollution, some people say that the motorcycle will cause road congestion, and there are even rumors that the motorcycle becomes a tool for “flying robbery”……All of the above statements seem untenable!1, fuel motorcycle emissions are far lower than cars, meaning that the biggest pollution source on the road is cars rather than motorcycles, especially today’s technology iteration update, motorcycles are more energy saving emission reduction, electric motorcycle is zero pollution.2. The road area occupied by motorcycles is less than 1/4 of that of automobiles. The small and light body plus the advantages of flexible control are more favorable to relieve traffic pressure.3, as for the motorcycle is said to be the “flying” of the accomplice, obviously is nonsense, every kitchen knife may become a weapon, why supermarkets, hardware stores everywhere?Admittedly, fuel motorcycles are fast and emit more or less exhaust, but what about electric motorcycles?Many cities because of a paper “motorcycle ban”, resulting in electric motorcycles can not be normal on the road, this is a distorted interpretation of the policy, but also backward administrative ideas.Fortunately, Xi ‘an has become the first city in China to lift the ban on motorcycles, which may become a model for pilot motorcycles!China is now on the fast track of a dual carbon strategy, and electric scooters have many advantages as a means of transportation different from fuel-powered scooters.Unpack backward forbid motorcycle order, want to start from electric motorcycle!Do you agree?

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