The incident happened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, a friend’s New Year’s gifts were taken away…My daughter remembers me every day.

LAN, who lives in Xinjiang Garden, Hangzhou, said her friend sent her some Spring Festival goods on January 15. She left them near the security kiosk at the gate of the community. She said her daughter’s favorite pecans and milk were stolen.Ms. LAN: My daughter still says every day whether she has returned the food from her mother. She still thinks about it. Yes, there are some food she likes to eat, she still thinks about it.Xinjiang Garden is on Yinbao Street. Ms. LAN said that her friend sent her New Year’s goods at noon on January 15th. There were a box of pecans, two boxes of Wangzai milk and a box of dried seafood, which were placed next to the security booth.Ms. LAN: She asked me if you ate it. I said I thought you took it back. She said how could I take it back?On January 17, LAN went to the security booth at the gate of the community and found that the items were missing. She then checked the security cameras.Ms:Monitoring in the word is the man about the car down from a net, and then went in, and in the security booth there for a moment, then at mobile phone and why, and then took my four box, also very heavy, and then moved away and may have something he, then I was also thinking about will get wrong, and then I also got a any notice,I posted the screenshot to the community, and then I thought if I got it wrong, you would always send it back, and then there was no news.The video picture is not high definition, the reporter can not determine the gender of the person, can be seen, January 16 at 12:16 am, the person took a lot of gift boxes.Ms. LAN said the man was walking toward the neighborhood.Ms. LAN: It goes from the end of the road, and then it goes around to the front door of the property. That’s all the surveillance has tracked. And then it looks like 18 buildings, 19 buildings and 20 buildings.Xie, the manager of residential property, said that after Ms. LAN reported the situation, they helped to find, so far there has been no progress.Manager Xie of Hangzhou New River Garden Property: If she sent it to us, our security guard said that we are not responsible for keeping things here. She said that I would throw it here first. It may take a few days to throw it here, like your own things.Ms. LAN: I didn’t say anything and ask you to pay for it. I didn’t say so all the time. I was just a little angry with the owners of the community.Hangzhou new river garden estate property manager xie: I see you look for things notice each unit also in stick (yes) say now ah, we also do not exclude is your own person, otherwise if you this also have no valuable thing, who will take your thing.Ms. LAN: what do you mean that you don’t exclude yourself from taking it? I ran to the police station and the traffic police to investigate this matter. I tell you that you can’t talk like this.Manager Xie said, the monitoring problem of the community they are discussing with the industry authority to update, Ms. LAN suspected the buildings, will let the security door to ask, but the door security kiosk here is really no custody obligation, if a friend to send things, can be temporarily stored in the front desk of the property, but also to take away in time.Ms. LAN said that when a friend came, the security guard did not say that the door could not be kept, but it took him two days to take it, it is indeed a certain responsibility, now I hope that the person who took it back in time.Ms. LAN: If you see it, please contact the property management. If you feel embarrassed, please contact the property management and put it in the property management. Then the property management will contact me.

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