Yishang customer service outsourcing: easily improve jingdong free traffic

No matter what products to do the ability to obtain flow to do know, but the difficulty is to break through the flow of the method and with what way to open the flow.Today, Yishang customer service outsourcing will share how to create flow advantages for the store in many ways.First, search flow jingdong search is the largest flow channel in jingdong website, so jingdong search ranking is the place for store operation, the search ranking is good, is the key to do a good job of popular style, operation of the store.1. Brand terms A well-known brand with its own search traffic, such as “Huawei mobile phone, Lenovo notebook”, is a brand term with exclusivity, and the store can enjoy brand dividends alone.2. Category words Take the whole large category as the result of the commonly used search term, called category words.Such as “electric toothbrush, watch” and so on belong to the public domain search flow, relatively fierce competition.Jingdong search has two categories, brand words and category words.We should do a good job of store analysis and brand positioning, for the popularity of creating and cost investment to lay a good foundation.1. Jingdong activities There are many kinds of activities on jingdong. Almost every festival has a big event.Like this New Year’s Shopping Festival, JINGdong gives a display of the whole plate, coupled with the 2022 Spring Festival Gala jingdong is the exclusive cooperation and interaction partner, traffic is bound to soar, so we must seize.2. Joint activities We can also carry out activities through brand association and category association, and jointly invest for launching, so that the traffic can be interconnected and complementary, and the transformation brought by related sales and activities can be increased.1. Jingdong is one of the channels with the largest traffic at present. The single activity UV is about 40W.Flow is cheaper, but not accurate, and the conversion is low, suitable for low customer single product transformation or new store to increase the weight of popularity.2. Coupon Coupon Center is a promotional channel with coupons as the carrier. It is the only coupon distribution center on JINGdong website.Large flow, high conversion, through the distribution of coupons for the store drainage.Jingdong Second kill is one of the most explosive channels at present. The flow of single product second kill varies with different time periods, as well as category second kill and brand second kill. The flow is very large, and stores with plans can participate.4. Jingdong Live Broadcast In the past two years, JINGdong has been vigorously supporting the live broadcast business. After the store opens a live broadcast, it has the opportunity to push it to the live broadcast channel for display.It can be divided into KOL live broadcast and store live broadcast. Currently, KOL with large traffic volume is still a minority in jd live broadcast ecology. We can adopt store live broadcast with relatively high cost performance to increase the scene display of live broadcast and improve the conversion rate.5, find good goods belong to the release of content flow, can be through the graphic form of grass, let buyers understand after interest to join the wish list or directly form transformation.6. Brand flash shopping is second only to brand promotion, and there will be flash shopping exclusive skin to increase transformation.7. Shopping stores can be used as the carrier of this part of traffic through private dynamic, live broadcast, buyer show, etc., mainly serving buyers who have more free time and like shopping.1, home page – for you to recommend jingdong thousand thousand face display module, according to the user recently browsed products and labels to push high related single products, with the promotion of thousands of face home page traffic entrance accounted for more and more.It can be obtained through jingzhuantong’s shopping touch point.Edit add picture annotation, no more than 140 characters (optional) so the above is all the content of the customer service outsourcing platform ~ to learn more about customer service dry goods, customer service tools, remember to pay attention to search customer service network.Article source: Yishang customer service outsourcing

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