“The Tiger Comes to Deliver Good Fortune” (1594)

The Tiger Comes to Deliver Blessings (Eight Pieces) Tao Weixiang (1) Shrinking from the sky, clothes follow nature.Raise happiness can get, must enjoy years.(2) Mei Fu came for a visit.The whole family pushed enthusiastically and laughed heartily.(3) Love the young respect the old, why worry about the five chang.The whole family speaks humility, Ferro zuo its chang.(4) Singing longevity song, landing is virtuous.Zhu Ronghuang long, chun Fu Lu long qing.Green temples not full frost, glad to crystal.Sing song New Naro, rise to create brilliant.(six) summer rush new cool, courtyard kitchen overflow meat fragrance.A raise every year makes the year bright.On the road before mingyueshan, every family sings and laughs.42. New Coronation.(eight) Repeatedly answer Xu Qing’s dream, yao Zhan Shou Suming.Turtle age people enjoy, happiness continued fang xin.Attached: tao as the introduction of Mr Cheung – tao as auspicious (male), han nationality, pen name old cypress pines, nicknames better, teachers, born in 1932, yancheng, jiangsu funing yi Lin, Chinese poetry academy, member of Chinese writers, poets editors, YaoPin vice chairman of the Chinese literature writer painter, Chinese tourism poetry research board honorary directors, etc., the country poem association, honorary director,Consultant of Binhai Yellow Sea Poetry Society.He has written more than 12,000 poems and written more than 10,400 poems in six collections.Editor’s words —– appreciate beautiful article, feast for the eyes, good body and mind, better than taking medicine!In order to enhance the soft power of coastal culture and enrich the cultural life of the people, we set up columns on the mainstream media of cities and counties such as 、、、、、.Here is the world of elegant scholar, the heaven of ink!Literati to express their feelings, to express their thoughts.The reader can benefit, the poet can improve.

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