Special health tips for those who have returned from China during the Spring Festival

Hot Tip: The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end, and the peak season of returning to Han will soon come.Citizens should continue to adhere to the concept of strengthening their own health first responsibility, and do a good job in daily personal health monitoring and personal protection during the journey.To effectively reduce the epidemic spread risks, the centers for disease control and prevention in wuhan city has a history of han people and all the citizens (return) special health tip: 01 knowledge management requirements, timely nucleic acid testing for foreign entry personnel “14 days of the first entry to focus on isolated medical observation + 7 days destination intensive medical observation + 7 days home quarantine medical observation” closed-loop management measures;The management measures of “14-day centralized and 14-day home quarantine and 14-day medical observation” will be implemented for those returning from medium-high risk areas in China.In other areas outside the province, regardless of whether there is a local epidemic, the negative nucleic acid test certificate shall be checked within 48 hours, and nucleic acid test shall be carried out within 24 hours upon arrival, and 14-day community health monitoring shall be carried out, and nucleic acid test shall be carried out every 7 days.People in the province with health code “green code” normal passage.On the way back from travel, prepare protective equipment such as face masks and hand scrubs in advance, and take personal protection measures. Wear a face mask properly when you are in indoor or outdoor public places with a large number of people, take public transport or have close contact with others, and perform hand hygiene during the whole journey.Continue to do a good job of health monitoring for you and your family. If you find fever, dry cough and other suspicious symptoms before travel, you should go to the fever clinic of medical institutions as soon as possible.If fever, dry cough and other suspicious symptoms occur during travel, go to the fever clinic of medical institutions as soon as possible.After returning to Han, report to the local residential (village) committee and perform health monitoring for 14 days. If any abnormal symptoms occur, go to the nearest fever clinic and inform the relevant travel and residence history.03 to form a good habit, consciously abide by the regulations, the general public to develop good health habits, carry masks, scientific and standardized wearing a mask, wash your hands often and often ventilated, gathered themselves together, and less with the dining-table, cough sneeze cover mouth and nose, received an email or item (especially international express mail) wear a face mask and disposable gloves, avoid direct contact.Cooperate in complying with the epidemic prevention and control regulations such as temperature measurement, code inspection and one-meter distance in public places.Novel Coronavirus vaccination is the most cost-effective and effective means of preventing COVID-19.Please make an appointment to register for the novel Coronavirus vaccine in the clinic as soon as possible. We hope you can receive the novel Coronavirus vaccine in a timely and complete manner so that you can benefit from early vaccination.The Spring Festival holiday disrupts the biological clock at normal work. All aspects of diet and daily life have changed. Please adjust the biological clock and restore the regular sleep and rest.Adjust diet, restore gastrointestinal power;Strengthen exercise, restore physical vitality;Adjust your mood, get ready for work, and be energetic to meet new work challenges!Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Prevention February 5, 2022

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