Volkswagen CC hunting version, long handsome pack much, than mai Teng xiang?

Guide language: to station car and hunting outfit car, home always has so a batch of loyal fan, but to shop ground yes 3 car and SUV character, station car and hunting outfit car or too small crowd.Although the sales performance of station wagons and hunting vehicles is average, it does not mean that the strength of this kind of car is not good. On the contrary, in some product points, station wagons and hunting vehicles have greater advantages.Today, we are going to talk about the CAR from FAW-Volkswagen CC hunting version, which is a CC hunting car based on Volkswagen CC coupe. It can be said that it inherits the handsome appearance of CC while extending its loading capacity. At the same time, on the personality level, CC hunting version can bring more significance.Faw-volkswagen CC hunting version, in terms of appearance, continues the design of Volkswagen CC coupe version, but the most significant difference is that the back of CC hunting version is pulled up, forming a unique hunting car shape.Especially when viewed from the side, CC hunting edition presents a slim elegant posture, very beautiful.In terms of interior decoration, CC hunting edition adopts Volkswagen’s latest digital interior design. Simplicity is the basic melody, while digitalization is reflected in the touch mode and the information presented on the large screen.The advantage of the INTERIOR of CC hunting edition is that it is relatively smooth and durable, but the disadvantage is that there is not too much amazing place, from the color scheme to the design.Since it is also said to be able to install, then we look at the size data and space performance of THE CC hunting version.The BODY size of the CC hunting version is 4869/1870/1459mm with a wheelbase of 2841mm.Although this parameter is the same as the CC coupe version, behind the data cannot be presented is the CC hunting version’s larger three-compartment space, including the rear compartment space and the rear compartment space.Back row space, take the height of 180cm ride as an example, sit in the back row, leg room is 2, the head is 1.The head space has been improved compared to the coupe version.As for the trunk, the CC Hunting version has a base capacity of 514L, while the hatchback opening and larger and higher opening make it easier to drop large items.In terms of power, the CC hunting version is powered by a 2.0-ton engine. The low-power version has 186 HP and 320 N · m, while the high-power version has 220 HP and 350 N · m.Transmission matching 7 speed wet double clutch gearbox, this configuration must be very familiar with it.In terms of zero hundred acceleration, the OFFICIAL RESULTS for the CC Hunting version are 8.4s (186 HP) and 7.8s (220 HP).The result measured by media is 7.21s.As for fuel consumption, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology fuel consumption of CC hunting version is 6.5L (186 horsepower) -7L (220 horsepower) /100km.The measured fuel consumption of media is 8.2L/100km.In general, Volkswagen CC hunting version in appearance level, modelling, practicality, loading capacity, power and other aspects, have a bright performance, relative to THE CC sedan version, or Magton such a B-class car, CC hunting version in many places have more advantages.So, what’s the reason you didn’t go for the safari or the safari?Is it expensive?Let us know in the comments.(word/Shen)

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