Pubg: PCL spring three pre-orders, 4AM strength reduced, only one dark horse team favored

Hello, I’m Qian Yan.Obviously, as the war began to commence in training, both fans and players can also feel the game of war, waiting to be lit with the increase of intercontinental and the quota of people, it is clear that this season all team may have impact intercontinental, therefore, in the face of looming in the spring, especially under the integral format (zhuifeng is very fast, after all).There are certainly few teams that have tanked, and as the PCL division has become more refined, the teams are really even, so this spring season promises to be very competitive.But while words say so, but must still has the strength gap between teams, especially some S level of clan, under the back on the integral system, their dominance will only more exaggerated, therefore, although the promotion of intercontinental places we can’t entirely sure, but as for the champions or the best competitor, we can still guess out!Spring for has not been open, as in so many players in the mind is actually the first three are basically have agreed or champion is already scheduled, but is one of the biggest hot PGC global finals champion NH team, known, NH team now is the only recognition 4 core team, especially in the integral format,No one can imagine how NH could lose!Besides team cooperation tacit understanding, NH play is, either at no matter under what circumstances can always give oneself extension of space, and because the NH team tactics diversification, basically they don’t exist for may, therefore, has the world champion of blessing, the second champions league for them seems to be near at hand!Apart from NH team, the most recognized and the only team that can wrestle with NH team is the newly launched PeRo team. Under the original line-up of the previous intercontinental championship champion, PeRo team successively introduced three heavyweight players, AZ, Ming and Lionkk.Itself team inside information on where they are now the only problem now facing possible is the most suitable arrangement of a set of their squad and literally even if others change, as long as the XDD in team, PeRo take place is also a very simple thing, but if in very fine, NH team met opponent may really is!And PeRo are also going for their first league title!In addition to the above two teams, no matter 4AM, 17, IFTY, Tianba and other old strong teams have been downgraded by fans. If 4AM and Tianba were strong competitors for the championship last year, then in this version, they may only have A+ comprehensive strength. Although they have A chance to hit the top three, to be honest,Given their current form, securing a spot in the tournament is their main focus, but if any of these teams do make it back, it will be equally important.In addition to some old teams, RBS may be the most anticipated new team in the new season. In addition to retaining Tufeihei, one of the most ruthless players of RBS, they also recruited Xiaohu from NANZ team successively. In December, they played with Yuren from KX team, and RBS performed very fierce in the training match.The fans are also looking forward to this new lineup. If there is a dark horse this year, RBS is definitely the most noteworthy team among the dark horses. I wonder what fans think of it.

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