Wu Qian, a new single mother, missed the prime of her career and currently has three dramas to be aired

Divorce, in real life has been common, the entertainment industry is more common.Yang Mi, Yang Ying and Zhao Liying have all divorced to focus on their careers, and it’s finally the turn of the post-90s actresses.Women born in the post-1985 generation get married when their careers are at their peak and have children quickly, but women born in the 1990s seem to be insulators of love, with few officially declared relationships and even fewer getting married and having children.Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian divorced on February 14, valentine’s Day, sparking a heated debate among netizens.Wu Qian and Zhang Yujian are both signed artists of Huace, and the two sides did not cause a war of public opinion to win the goodwill of netizens, but chose to peacefully break up, good together good parting.Review wu Qian and Zhang Yujian’s marriage love history.The two were pictured back at the hotel together in 2019, but denied romance at the time.In March 2021, wu Qian was photographed having dinner with her children.Subsequently Zhang Yujian and Wu Qian admitted that married children.The marriage, which was not appreciated by netizens, ended in divorce.Wu posted pictures of her playing with her daughter on her micro blog, with the caption: “Valentine’s Day for single girls.”Photographer of sena pregnancy photos, she is lovely in the photo, still dressed in retro beige dress and background, the overall picture is like a painting, limpid eyes bright, trademark smile finals immature, the suction eye is her right hand, and wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger, slender fingers stroked the pregnant belly, a pregnant mother of happiness.Unexpectedly until Wu Qian divorce, just saw her pregnancy.In 2015, Wu qian became popular with her role as Zhao Mosheng in My Sunshine. With her delicate appearance and clever eyes, she was also known as the “flower of Wuhan University”. The pure and innocent girl successfully captured the audience’s love.Wu Qian plays the female No. 2 in “Choose the Day”, but gets more attention than the female No. 1.Huace, the talent agency, spared no effort to promote her in its own drama, securing her a controversial female role in the star-studded Ruyi Zhuan.City drama “8090” is wu Qian postpartum comeback of the first TV series, thin cheeks, sunken eyelids, the girl’s collagen has disappeared, proud aura disappeared, her advantage.Combined with the age of the baby, she could have been pregnant right after The production of “Snow Drop” and “8090” is her first post-baby TV series.The gap between birth and birth is so big that it is no wonder that modern women are afraid of marriage, and even more afraid of having children.Because wu Qian got married and had children, she missed the golden period of her career. Although it was a pity, she still had 3 dramas to be broadcast on her hand.A: “chaser of light” this TV drama is wu Qian and old partner Luo Yunxi’s third cooperation, this pair of old CP but many audience’s heart good ah.”Light Chaser” was selected as one of the 100 key TV series selected topics from 2018 to 2022, and the main theme is not a problem. The development trend of the leading actor Luo Yunxi is good.Two: “Summer in Love” Wu Qian and Qin Junjie play male and female leading roles, thirty years of female play in the face of the former and the current entanglements, due to the middle of the director.The drama, adapted from the novel of the same name, stars Zhang Binbin and Wu Qian in the leading roles.Last year, Zhang Binbin was a rising actor in si Teng.

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