All it takes is 398 to feel what it feels like to be a king!Palace immersion experience at Beijing Hotel

Follow the blogger to check out the store.Today, we are talking about a palace restaurant in Beijing, the Imperial Immortal Capital · Royal Cuisine Museum.Mr. Xing Hongzhi has been engaged in Chinese cooking for more than 40 years. At the end of last century, he started his own business in Beijing with 18 students. For more than 20 years, he has devoted himself to exploring the royal cuisine culture of 3,000 years.In 2012, it was rated as the intangible cultural Heritage of imperial cuisine making techniques;In 2013, a huge investment was made to build a Royal Cuisine Museum in imperial Immortal Capital.In 2015, in response to the call of the Central cultural power, we wrote a large-scale royal food experience drama — Taste of a Thousand Years, which has become “a golden name card of Beijing culture”.In 2019, the new version of “China One Taste Banquet” features high-end quality, amazing historical performances, legendary dishes stories, domineering banquet scenes and wonderful interactive experience, bringing guests double enjoyment of sight and taste and stepping into a high realm of Chinese cooking.It is said that the hotel has spent hundreds of millions on decoration.This door on the grand atmosphere, there is the emperor do the throne.Positioning is a large-scale royal food experience drama.Even the bathrooms cost millions.From the feeling of the name, come here, just enjoy the opera, change costumes, experience, feel the atmosphere, eating is not the most important thing.The door is an immersive courtly experience.A row of pretty girls in flags, smiles on their faces.If you see a customer, please squat down.I’m flattered to be true.The entrance was a big red carpet facing the front door.Standing on it makes me feel privileged, which I only get when I’m married.Felt the air of the emperor, the emperor wind of classical ancient color, the building is his house, a room has its own name, the corridor is brilliant, like the palace.There are four floors in total. On the right hand side of the first floor, there will be a museum, which will introduce the food of each dynasty according to the history. On the second floor, there is an imperial garden, landscapes, corridors, pavilions and pavilions, which are suitable for taking photos and cencking.The door will be received, if you need to change clothes can choose clothes on the first floor and the fourth floor, the lady can help shape, there are various dynasties of clothing in the store for selection, each set of clothing has a supporting oath, do not make up, beauty fairy can make up themselves.There is a big lotus pond, feel a bit of the kind of meaning of the imperial garden.When the time comes to open a meal, you will find that there are princess, imperial concubine, empress.It’s a totally immersive experience, served by maids dressed as maids.Each dish has a program to introduce the origin of the dish, and even reminds me of the live performance of the “See again” series directed by Wang Chaoge. It can be seen that the store arranges the program carefully and has a great experience.I heard that two or three hundred waiters are wearing flower POTS.Walk so many roads every day also pretty tired are used to.The food was served by the father-in-law, accompanied by little beauties dancing in veils.It’s almost like the Qing Dynasty drama.Really feel to have a meal like a king, usually which have this treatment ah.Dignity was everywhere.The service attitude is particularly good, each table fixed waiters, will communicate with customers in advance, respectfully from welcome in to send out.The whole museum is a big ballroom, the rest are private rooms.Every private room is like a wonderland, luxurious style.There is a 15% service charge for a private room.The largest one is called Zhengda Guangming Dian, which can accommodate 30 people at the same time with a minimum consumption of 3W.There will also be an introduction to the manchu and Han banquet, a variety of dishes on display, and a projection of the royal kitchen.Lifelike!The characters are made to look real.It looks like a lot of work.The cuisine is typical palace cuisine with delicate presentation.Enjoy the food as you taste it.Price: 298 for lunch and 398 for dinner.It may vary from season to season.The food is not too expensive.Feels like a good marketing idea, too.It was big and grand.I’ve been watching qing Dynasty drama for years.It’s good to experience it!

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