Five leading figures of Qingdao listed companies were shortlisted

Qingdao News on the morning of February 7, the 2022 Work mobilization conference of Shandong Province was held in Jinan, where the decision of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the Shandong Provincial People’s Government on the commendation of outstanding entrepreneurs in Shandong province was read out. Leaders of Shandong province awarded prizes to a total of 72 entrepreneurs who were commended.Ten entrepreneurs from Qingdao were selected in the commendation list, ranking first in the province.Among them, there are 5 listed company leaders and become the main force of Qingdao awards.Zhang Ruimin, honorary chairman of the Board of Directors of Haier Group, won the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Province” and won first-class merit.Zhou Houjian, Chairman of Hisense Group Holding Co., LTD., won the title of “Leading Entrepreneur in Shandong Province” and won first-class merit.Wang Congyuan, chairman of the Board of Directors of Qingjian Group Co., LTD., Yuan Zhongxue, chairman and president of Sailun Group Co., LTD., and Huang Kexing, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Tsingtao Brewery Group Co., LTD., won the title of “Outstanding Entrepreneur of Shandong Province”.In recent years, under the high attention and correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, the working mechanism of Qingdao’s listing has been constantly improved, the policy environment has been constantly optimized, the listing work has been in full play, and the number and quality of listed companies have welcomed “double improvement”.In 2021, Qingdao added 15 domestic and foreign listed companies, a total of 72, the number and total number of newly listed companies firmly ranked the first in the province.Qingdao capital market this year continued last year’s good momentum, ushered in a good start.In January, Innovation Qizhi was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and Pangu Intelligence successfully passed the examination of shenzhen Stock Exchange gem.Up to now, 2 enterprises in Qingdao have passed the meeting and are waiting for approval, 11 enterprises are waiting for approval in the CSRC and the Exchange, 2 enterprises are waiting for approval in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and 23 enterprises are tutoring in the Qingdao Securities Regulatory Bureau. The listing reserve is sufficient, forming a benign echelon pattern.At the same time, the quality of listed companies has been steadily improving. Qingdao is the first city in China to introduce the implementation opinions on improving the quality of listed companies, which has promoted the overall structure of listed companies to be more optimized, business performance to be more resilient, corporate governance to be more effective, and capital operation to be more active.

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