There is a kind of person, often open the circle of friends, but leave no trace

One person said: “There is an unspoken rule in wechat: when you post moments, others can’t see them.”Actually, that’s not entirely true.You send moments, no one like, leave a message, does not mean that others did not see, just a lot of people passing by, few people left traces.When the circle of friends is no longer as lively as it was at the beginning, there is a kind of people who develop to open the circle of friends every day, but do not like, do not leave messages, do not send messages.02 Open circle of friends, is a habit, is also a kind of nostalgia.During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Huan Wen, a minister, served as prefect and general.He planted a willow tree in Jincheng while serving as the chief of the imperial Palace.During the second Northern Expedition, he and his soldiers passed by Jincheng and saw that willows had become big trees. “Life is like a tree. How can it stand the damage of time?”Then he grabbed the wicker, covered his face, and wept.When he went to Shu, he suddenly realized that loyalty and filial piety could not be both.The images of his parents haunted his mind.”Nostalgia” there are two lyrics: “I just nostalgia, no other thoughts, you have a new vision, I am no longer short, this year how even memories will have a deadline.People have memories, although time will let us forget a lot, but there are always some pictures, can not be completely erased.If this is not the case, why see familiar people, moments set for three days visible — only a horizontal line, feel lost?A few years ago, we used to take photos and share our life in the circle of friends.Carefully edit the picture of the ninth grid, leaving a few thought-provoking words.After a while, many friends liked it.Of course, in the circle of friends, people can help each other.No matter who is in trouble, as long as the friends know, they can say a few words of comfort, can also give advice.Relatives and friends can also contact offline, bringing warm pictures to life.Now, occasionally also can see familiar friend, “take a bubble”, although stay time is very short, but can arouse a kind of inexplicable sincere feeling.Leaving no trace is to stop pleasing others and be true to yourself.Writer Su Qin once said, “At this age, we don’t want to please anyone anymore. We want to stay with whoever we are comfortable with, including our friends. When we are tired, we need to stay away.”Experienced too many things, see the ups and downs of the circle of friends, suddenly feel that the cold life, is what you want.Credit or pain, it’s all passing.In The Three Kingdoms period, Zhuge Liang lived in the State of Wei with her father when she was young. When she grew up, she went to the state of Wu to become an official.After the Jin Dynasty was founded, sima Yan, the brother-in-law of the emperor, wanted to talk to him, but he preferred to hide in the toilet rather than meet.Everyone has a different road to go, even fellow passers-by, but also just walk together, not together for a lifetime.Seriously think about it, you will find that husband and wife is the most long-term love, the love of parents, is the most worthy of treasure, the love of children, is the most sincere.Therefore, in the circle of friends, there are always some people, do not leave any traces, even if friends posted wonderful pictures, or encountered difficulties, but also indifferent appearance.If there is a need, talk to each other individually and get to know each other.If you post on moments but never give others a “like” message, you will feel embarrassed.They also think that if they are found out that they have “read moments,” but do not interact with others, they will be mistaken for being too arrogant.Especially the person on a few units, the colleague beside, like to give boss point praise message, do not go to join in the fun to you however, appear some additional kind.But if you insist on not leaving a mark on your moments, people will “get used to it.”To reduce the emotional intersection from the traces is to not please each other, whether life is good or not, to “each other well”.Leave no trace, is to refuse emotional internal friction, keep the distance of friends.Author Haruki Murakami once said, “No one likes to be lonely. They just don’t like to be disappointed.”In Zhihu, someone asked, “Why do people post on moments and then delete them later?””Sometimes he posts on moments to get others to respond, but after a long time no one pays any attention to him, he thinks he is pretentious and deletes it,” said enthusiastic netizen “Xiaoqiangbeast”.Yeah, no matter who posts on wechat, they’re always trying to get some attention, at least a few likes from familiar people.If no one listens for a long time, you’ll be disappointed and change your mind about your circle of friends.The ancients said: “Come but not go, not propriety.”Interaction is common courtesy, but you can’t force people to interact with you.By seeing things as they really are, you’ll be able to live a better life and not be so enthusiastic about “upbringingfriends.”Trying too hard to stay in a relationship is self-consuming.You do a lot of things, but when people don’t recognize you, they think you’re being pretentious.”Ordinary is true”. When there is a distance in social life, it will become dull, but contradictions, suspicion, aggression, sarcasm, etc., will disappear.05 most of the time, we always think that they like a person, will always like, but later or separated.Respectively for too long, and then meet again, suddenly found that the first sentence, do not know how to open the mouth, want to good lines, in the mouth slipped, did not say after all.Originally, the best trace, is “I put you in the heart”, no matter where you put me.People will love the old, look at things will be aesthetic fatigue, anything, will bring forth the new.Adult socializing is about breaking up and walking away without even saying hello.Therefore, the right way to open moments is: you are free to post whatever you want;Whether or not people like or leave comments is someone else’s choice.People are used to being themselves.Life is short. The most important thing is to live comfortably without interfering with the comfort of others.Author: Cloth clothes coarse food.Pay attention to my words, into your heart.The illustrations are from the Internet.

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