Police forced to eat lunch box for “affecting brand image”?Just now, Starbucks has responded

On February 13, a netizen posted on social media: @Starbucks China @Starbucks Chongqing You are so powerful.Chongqing police don’t deserve to eat at your door, do they?”Today, I was on duty to eat in front of Starbucks near ciqikou Tourist Center (opposite to Chongqing Tuo Tea, the original entrance of the scenic spot). When the starbucks staff saw us half eaten, they asked us if we could eat somewhere else.You’re hurting our brand image.I don’t know what level of public security can match this lofty Starbucks.”On February 14, the incident was trending on Weibo.On the evening of February 14th, according to @Starbucks China: Regarding the situation of Ciqikou Starbucks store in Chongqing, we have checked and learned the facts as follows: At around 5pm on February 13th, four police officers came to the store and were arranged to have dinner in the outdoor guest area.Later, there were other customers who wanted to have dinner in the outdoor dining area, and there was a misunderstanding in the communication between the store partner and the police officer due to inappropriate words when coordinating the seating. We apologize for this.However, there is no “drive police” and “complaint police” in the process of the event.Starbucks has always been committed to taking root and serving communities. Its stores have been in good communication with local police and have received strong support from the police.As always, Starbucks welcomes every customer.It is worth mentioning that, after the suspected expulsion of police incident was exposed, netizens concentrated on a review website under the store hit half a star.Angry comments: What temperament is worthy of eating at your door?A cheap coffee who gives you a sense of superiority.At present, the number of comments on the latest micro blog of @StarbucksChina and @StarbucksChongqing is about 10 times that of ordinary micro blogs, and most of them are queries from netizens.Daily Business News Starbucks China

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