Netizens into Chongqing Starbucks live protest, seemingly a face of justice but the opportunity to profit

After qu Jing, an extreme news commentator, drove police from a Starbucks in Chongqing to eat lunch boxes, some people placed white flowers and sent ghost money at the door of the starbucks, and some people entered the store to broadcast live.In response, legal sources pointed out that radical behavior risks breaking the law and urged netizens to express their opinions in accordance with the law.According to bizarre Finance, a Starbucks employee in Chongqing filed a complaint against a police officer who was eating boxed lunch at the gate for the sake of affecting the brand image.The news attracted attention online.Starbucks responded that it was a communication misunderstanding caused by inappropriate language used to coordinate seats, and apologized.Relevant departments also launched an investigation into the matter.However, some netizens were not impressed by Starbucks’ response. They sent white flowers, ghost money and threw eggs to express their dissatisfaction and protest, and some entered the store to broadcast live.If starbucks is found to have violated laws and regulations, it deserves to be punished, with damaged reputation and a flood of criticism.If netizens have doubts or dissatisfaction with Starbucks’ response, they can express their opinions and attitudes in accordance with the law and rationally, or even vote with their wallets.However, sending white flower money to throw eggs, or even entering stores to broadcast live, saying “I hope you can leave our society as soon as possible and go as far as you can”, has affected the normal operation of stores, and also disrupted and destroyed the social and public order in this area.If the situation develops further and leads to serious consequences, it may also violate the Law of Public Security Administration and Punishment or even the Criminal Law and bear relevant legal responsibilities.Therefore, it is not advisable to act too aggressively, even if it is right, protest should also speak a way.What’s more, breaking into stores to broadcast protests has gone beyond the scope of expressing opinions, but like censoring traffic and heat, it is easy to stir up emotions and create chaos.This is not to show a sense of justice, but to take advantage of the opportunity to profit, looting, harmful to the maintenance of public order, no wonder this uncivilized behavior has been condemned by netizens as “sensationalism, jumping clown”.In today’s world of rapidly increasing awareness of consumer rights protection and public order maintenance, both individuals and businesses should respect, act in accordance with the law and communicate rationally, which should be the minimum consensus and become the consciousness of the whole society.If there is uncivilized and disrespectful behavior towards others, then the competent authorities and relevant departments should take action, investigate the truth and deal with it according to law and regulations.Criticism and resistance to these behaviors should also follow the basic public order and good customs, laws and regulations, civilized and rational expression, after all, in a legal society, “rivers and lakes” can not be “rivers and lakes”.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.24-hour information hotline 027-86777777.

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