“Worldly” : Feng Turns into a word to debunk Zhou Rong, she does not love his daughter at all

“The World”, a lot of people hate Zhou Rong, because she gave birth to Feng Yue, but did not raise her, but also threw her to Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan so many years.Now Zhou Bingkun they moved back to the old house, home so many people, can not live, they still don’t want to pick up Feng Yue, really let a person speechless.If before Zhou Rong still have hope, then Feng Cheng this speech, completely let everyone hate Zhou Rong.That is Feng Huarong said: Zhou Rong took Yue Yue when she was a child, said to take children with dogs, cold not hungry on the line.This sentence, let everyone see zhou Rong thoroughly, she really does not love his daughter.The scene after Yue Yue is born is not shown in the play, but we can piece it together through their dialogue.That year, Guizhou conditions are difficult, Zhou Rong pregnant but can not go to the hospital to give birth to a child, when she gave birth, even Feng Huarong is not around, is she delivered himself, also personally cut the umbilical cord.In that sense, she is a great mother.Feng Yue as her love crystallization with Feng Huarong, and she took the risk of their own birth, she should be particularly love this daughter.But that’s not the case.Feng Cheng said that he was a villain, so his work is busy, he goes out early and comes home late every day, there is no time tube daughter.But what about Zhou Rong?She attends classes during the day and studies at night. She leaves her daughter alone as long as she is fed and drunk, ignoring that Yue Yue is not an animal but a person with emotional needs.This also explains why Yue Yue with Zheng Juan, is not willing to find Zhou Rong, because Yue Yue in Zhou Rong so do not feel love.Every child naturally loves his mother, and only shifts his love when someone else gives him more love.Yue Yue then follow Zheng Juan, is not small, at least three or four years old, if zhou Rong gave her enough sense of security, she even after a period of time not see Zhou Rong, but after a period of time, blood will arouse that love.Unfortunately, Zhou rong didn’t.There is only one reason, she did not give her child the warmth of a mother, so Yue Yue will take Zheng Juan as a mother.That year, even if gave birth to Yue Yue, Zhou Rong heart also only own bar.She worked hard, studied hard, worked hard, but neglected her only daughter.Is it true that Zhou Rong didn’t pick up her daughter because of the house problem?Now, it’s not because of the house, it’s simply because she doesn’t want to pick up her daughter.Then, Yue Yue followed her and interfered with her study and work. Now, someone is helping her raise her daughter. How could she possibly pick her up?There’s a detail in the play that says this very subtly.One year, Zhou rong took Both Nannan and Yue Yue to Beijing, where they must have lived for a while.Zheng Juan and bingkun miss Nannan, so agreed, call once a week.Zheng Juan shou in front of the phone waiting for the phone and with bingkun grab the phone scene, let a person see a mother should look.As a contrast, Zhou Rong yue Yue threw bingkun home, she called a few times?She only visits her daughter when she’s on vacation.And when she returned to Jichun, she visited her daughter once a week.At first, I thought maybe they were far away.But remember when Zhou Bingkun moved, Zhou Rong said to her father to make her a bunk bed?Zhou Fu said, it is not easy, one day on the line, Shouting Zhou Bingkun will go.Thus, the physical distance is not the problem, but the psychological distance is the problem.From Beijing to Jichun, if Zhou Rong wants to pick up her daughter, any time can pick up, also have the opportunity to pick up.There was no objective reason she didn’t answer, only one subjective reason — she didn’t want to answer.Look down on Zhou Nan later, why did she insist that her daughter left Zhou Bingkun’s home?The main reason is not because Feng Yue fell in love with Zhou Nan.Especially when they both know that they are not related to each other, the love is more fierce.Zhou Rong resolutely opposed the relationship between these two people, on the one hand, nature is the criticism of the neighbors.After all, Zhou Nan has been said to be Zhou Bingkun’s own, the two people together, that is great.On the other hand, Zhou Rong looks down on Zhou Nan.According to the original story, Zhou rong was against them being together at first, but later, when she and her daughter fell in trouble in France and zhou Nan was admitted to Harvard University through his own efforts, her attitude changed and she began to acquiesce in their relationship.Zhou Rong abandoned everything for love, but when she faced her daughter’s problems, she was determined not to allow her love.In the final analysis, she is not because zhou Nan bar.Zhou Rong this life, is always the first after others, in her heart of the rank, his first, Feng Huarong second, Feng Yue third, parents fourth bar!

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