Men are Born to women (Mini-fiction)

Marry fast 10 years, since gave birth to big treasure especially before two years after 2 treasure, Feng Xiaojuan had a kind of ineffable dissatisfaction to husband Zhang Changyuan, the quarrel of young couple is more and more also.One Sunday morning, Zhang Changchang cooked breakfast and took care of Dabao and Erbao. After finishing their meal, he said to his daughter-in-law, “Dear, it’s a fine day today. Let’s take our children out for a spring outing.”Dabao said happily, “Good!I agree, spring outing!”Feng Xiaojuan not happy, “spring outing what?Who needs to do all the work around the house?Don’t you wash the children’s clothes?Don’t you have to clean?There is not a single vegetable in the fridge. Who is going to buy it?””This big matter, first take the children out to play, we come back to buy vegetables, I come back to wash the floor, not have.”The husband answered with great care.”Can’t go, can’t go.”Feng Xiaojuan decisively back.”Impossible.I say a thing, and you set yourself against me, and ask no questions about any proposal I make, except for a firm objection. What do you mean?””Rightness, be this meaning, return calculate you this pig brain still have a bit understanding this time.””Why?Give me a good reason.””Not why, because you owe me too much, I am mean of, how of?””What do I owe you?I worked hard to make money. I did all the housework and ate all the leftovers. I scolded myself and served you, just to make life better for you and your son.Are you reasonable?”Zhang Changyuan is puzzled to tell.”There is reason in that. Home is not the place for reason.You owe me so much, not just love and money, but how easy it was to conceive?I gave you two children, I died and you owe me two more.I am against you, why, unconvinced?”My wife has a word.Dabao is playing with Dabao on the ground.”According to you, this whole life, no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to repay you.If we men have the function of having children, I would rather bear the risk of life, but god gave this responsibility to you women.Men, as human beings, should not treat men as tools that can only make money. Women should not force men into rockets that can be launched and never come back.””You have the ability to give birth to your own child. Give me a child to see.Can you fly it? Fly it out and see if I can take it back?Now, with technology, you can get a shuttle back, let alone a man.Don’t defy spirit, you owe me, this lifetime you also don’t clear, think about it!”Zhang Changchang picked up large and small dirty clothes, walked into the toilet, while walking angrily grumbled: “owe you a head!Women are an unreadable book.”

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