Spring Festival return need to pay attention to the biggest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger is coming online

Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. Tomorrow is the last day of the holiday. Are you on your way home now?For your return trip:According to the National Meteorological Center (NMC), snow and rain are expected to hit more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities from February 5 to 7.There will be a wide range of rain and snow in northwest China, west of North China, west and south of Huang-Huai River and most areas south of it. The line of rain and snow will be located in northern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, west and north of Jiangnan.Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and other parts of the region will have heavy snowfall, jiangnan, South China will have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain.There was freezing rain in eastern Guizhou and western Hunan.In addition, the purple range appeared on the forecast chart on May 5, mainly concentrated in southeast Xizang, indicating that there will be a heavy snowstorm (20-25 mm) in the local area, reminding the above areas to strengthen prevention of heavy snowfall and snow on transportation, production and life, livestock and other adverse effects.This is the central Meteorological Station changed the color standard card of the legend, and changed the color of heavy snowstorm and heavy snowstorm from the previous dark gray and black to the current purple, in order to better distinguish them.Shandong short-term weather forecast 5 days to night, the province’s weather between sunny and cloudy.The north wind of grade 4 ~ 5 gusts of grade 6 ~ 7 in the peninsula area weakened to Grade 3 ~ 4, the south wind in the west and southwest of Shandong province turned to grade 2 ~ 3, and the north wind in other areas was grade 3 ~ 4.Night minimum temperature: -6℃ in inland areas, -3℃ in coastal areas.6 during the day to night, the weather in lunan area cloudy, cloudy weather in other areas.North force 3 ~ 4 to south force 2 ~ 3.Night minimum temperature: about -6℃ in the eastern part of northwest Shandong, the northern part of central Shandong and the inland area of the Peninsula, and about -3℃ in other areas.7 day to night, the weather in southern Shandong overcast, cloudy weather in other areas.Short south wind north force 3 or so.Night minimum temperature: around -5℃ in inland areas, -3℃ in coastal areas.Although the beginning of Spring has entered the solar term, but the temperature has not risen substantially around the people can not reduce clothes too early, should still pay attention to cold, warm, wind.Special attention should be paid to the head, feet, neck and hands to keep warm, otherwise it is easy to reduce the body immunity, leading to disease invasion.If you choose to drive on the return trip during the Spring Festival, you should check the vehicle in advance and take corresponding anti-skid measures to reduce the speed and increase the safe driving distance.In rainy and snowy weather, the road is slippery. When you go out to walk, try to put on non-slip shoes. When encountering icy roads, slow down and beware of slipping.If there is heavy snow and other inclement weather, avoid or reduce outdoor activities.Source: Central Meteorological Observatory, China News network, China Weather Network Editor: Song Fang Editorial Board: Zhang Cong Supervisor: Weng Pingya

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