The nun served the emperor to bathe, and the emperor favored her that night

From ancient times to the present, people’s experiences are different, some people lead a plain, some people through the wind and waves, and some people their experience is unexpected.Each life role, each sour, sweet, bitter, hot.Supposedly, whether in ancient times or modern times, some occupation or identity is the need to have professional ethics or taboo, but in history there is such a woman, she as a nun, only because the emperor took a shine to her, not only return to the palace, but also gave birth to a generation of eternal Ming Jun!At the time of entering the Temple, there was a lady named Li in the boundary of the Qiantang River. She came from a wealthy family and was also the daughter of a big family.The young lady was so beautiful that many people looked forward to her at such a young age.Unfortunately, her mother died when she was young, and her father married a stepmother, who also gave birth to a younger brother.Day by day in the past, the original calm life was broken again, miss Li’s father died because of accident.Miss Li was heartbroken. Now she was an orphan with no parents. What would she do with her life?But luckily, with a stepmother and younger brother at home, Ms. Li’s life is relatively peaceful.But life does not follow people’s wishes, suddenly one day, the stepmother took the younger brother remarried.Life and Miss Li seemed to open a big joke, big to Miss Li has no time to make any reaction, clansmen will take people to divide up the remaining property of the Li family, miss Li felt that the sky is falling.The ancient social environment was originally very feudal, especially for women, the word fairness will never focus on women.A woman who lost her husband could not stand in the social background at that time, and the best choice to live a better life was remarriage.However, the remarriage was regarded as infidelity, so the neighbors often talked about Miss Li’s stepmother, and helpless Miss Li could not stand the talk of the neighbors, in order to get rid of these rumors, she simply cut her hair and went to the temple, just for the sake of peace of mind.Since the nun who was favored by the emperor became a nun, Miss Li thought it would be better to live a quiet life. From then on, she began a dull and tasteless life.However, fate did not let her spend the rest of her life like this. Once zhao Heng, the emperor, came to the temple to worship Buddha. Seeing that Li shi had received advanced education since childhood and was flexible, he asked her to carefully serve the emperor.That night, Li shi served the emperor to take a bath, the emperor saw the girl in front of him, although wearing a simple nun’s dress, but not only the temperament, personality and reasonable, immediately emperor Zhao Heng felt that she was different from others, that night he could not help loving her.Therefore, Li returned to secular life and was taken back to the palace by Emperor Zhao Heng, where he began another chapter of his new life.As a concubine of the emperor, Li gave birth to a son named Zhao Zhen, who was the longest reigning emperor in the history of the Song Dynasty — Emperor Renzong of the Song Dynasty.Emperor Zhao Zhen Zhao Zhen was a very upright emperor, he knew that the general of the military peace, civil servants rule the world truth, so Zhao Zhen during the reign of the treatment of civil servants and generals are very important, for example, at that time there was an outstanding talent to play their ability under the rule of Zhao Zhen, this person is Bao Zheng.In ancient times, the emperor is the existence of ten thousand people, only the emperor orders the world, have not seen who can disrespect the emperor.However, in the reign of Zhao Zhen, as long as the ministers are for the sake of the people of the world, for the sake of good faith and righteousness, even if they treat the emperor “rebellious”, Zhao Zhen as the emperor can accept, which is also the open-minded point of Zhao Zhen’s ruling, but also the “one of the characteristics” of a generation of wise Kings.And Zhao Zhen emperor also is this kind “characteristic” developed acme, for instance if Zhao Zhen has the place that does wrong, the Bao Zheng that serves as a servant can disregard zhao Zhen’s identity position completely, to him curse violently.And the Zhao Zhen that serves as an emperor is at this moment not only do not lose temper to treat the crime of pack zheng, still can cover face gently with garment sleeve even, just to avoid the saliva of the other side, try to ask history to still have which emperor can accomplish so?Not only such, the Zhao Zhen that is an emperor still can comfort the other side instead after admitting mistake sometimes, persuade its not to want spirit big injury body, it may be said to be as 95 honour sees him however be like dust general, only take care of the good and bitter intention of good minister.Zhao Zhen loved talent. Under zhao Zhen’s management, many literati and scholars flourished in the Song Dynasty, such as su Shi, Ouyang Xiu and Wang Anshi, all of whom came from this dynasty.Led by these people, the Song Dynasty also became dynamic.But it is also because of this era out of a lot of talent, Zhao Zhen’s light is not so shining, but in fact, Zhao Zhen’s contribution to the Song Dynasty is incomparable.It is because zhao Zhen xiability, so he is very amiable to ministers and even the attitude of the people, and things are quite patient to people.Not only such, Zhao Zhen still often to oneself do undertake introspection and revise.A famous poet Su Shi was among the many examiners.When the examiner published the topic, other reference students are written to let people look at the “pleasing to the eye” content, only to let the examiner see after happy, so that their smooth promotion is expected, but Su Shi did not go along with them, he not only did not praise Zhao Zhen,But also for Zhao Zhen wrote a lot of negative topics such as lechery!Want to know zhao Zhen but emperor, how can allow others to insult?For a student to dare to publicly denigrate the emperor on such an important occasion as an imperial examination was unprecedented and unprecedented.For this reason, most of the examiners thought su Shi was too arrogant and arrogant, and he had to be caught and punished to make an example of others.After zhao Zhen learned this, he had a self-reflection. He thought that since students could write such a difficult question on such a solemn occasion, it proved that he must have done something wrong.So Zhao Zhen not only did not care about Su Shi’s disrespect to himself, but also feel that Su Shi is not afraid of power, found problems dare to speak out, is worthy of reuse.Zhao Zhen also won people’s praise for his generosity.During zhao Zhen’s reign, the country was peaceful and the people were in peace.04 epilogue say hero does not ask source, to zhao Zhen emperor’s life experience, her mother is not what famous big family, just an ordinary nun, but love comes with respect to so chance coincidence, zhao Zhen was born below this kind of circumstance.But this life experience does not affect Zhao Zhen to be responsible for the country however and love to common people.Common people had Zhao Zhen this emperor, also be the blessing of common people.After all, there are few emperors in history who are so generous and self-reflective.Pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact deletion!

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