Netizens revealed that Yi yangqianxi “used star privilege to study in high school”. The school responded that it was in line with the policy and could withstand investigation

On April 2, netizens revealed that popular actor Yi Yangqianxi was suspected of “taking advantage of his celebrity privileges” when he was admitted to Meixihu Middle School attached to Hunan Normal University in 2015.2 in the afternoon, hunan normal university affiliated high school of mei sihu middle school officials on the matter as journalists interview, said the school in 2015 admission Jackson completely conform to the relevant admissions policies formulated by the education bureau of changsha, “at that time we just school for a year, in the recruitment of students has more broad autonomy, as art especially immortal Jackson admitted to school.”Reporter in the net friend broke the news to see, its yi Yangqianxi examination of the question involves many aspects, including: in Hunan Huaihua to take an examination of him, can register for changsha high school?Internet users posted a transcript of yi yangqianxi’s high school entrance examination, which showed that the student’s scores in history and ideology and morality were D, which did not meet the requirements of huaihua High School and hunan Normal University’s attached high school (Yi was enrolled in Meixihu Middle School).In addition, yi’s name was not on the list of outstanding students published online by the university in 2015.Based on the above, netizens believe that Yi yangqianxi’s 2015 high school entrance examination results show that he is suspected of illegal operation in Meixihu Middle School attached to Hunan Normal University.The staff member of Meixi Lake Middle School affiliated to Hunan Normal University responded one by one to the netizens’ doubts.The staff member said that hunan’s high school entrance examination policy in 2015 allowed the whole province to recruit students. “In the year yi yangqianxi took the high school entrance examination, students who took the college entrance examination in Huaihua could go to high schools in Changsha.”The staff also pointed out that the high school attached to Hunan Normal University and Meixihu Middle School affiliated to Hunan Normal University are two independent schools, and their admission policies and admission scores are not the same.Meixihu Middle School affiliated to Hunan Normal University was founded in 2014. “We were a new school at that time, so we had some special policy support during the enrollment process in those two years, and we could recruit some good students from all over the province.I can draw the line and have a lot of autonomy.”But the staff also stressed that although the school on the first two years in that school has a wide range of independent recruitment of students rights, but it is in accord with the related policy on changsha city bureau of education under the premise of recruit students, there is no Internet users questioned by the “back door” “privileged”, “if you don’t meet in changsha city bureau of education admissions policy, it is unlikely that you will be able to have one’s status as a student,Then you have no identity and can’t take the college entrance examination in the future.”The staff member said that the admissions process of any school can not be in violation of the unified policy, netizens can come to the school if there is any doubt, the school “stand up to the investigation.”The staff also said in the interview, he once served as a Jackson high school teacher in charge for a period of time, so he was admitted and situation in the school are familiar with, “in fact, the 2015 Jackson didn’t this red now, in our school’s view, he is a very ordinary star, there is no need to…The university just thought, we need to recruit some students with artistic skills, and we have some support policies for independent recruitment.”Source: Jimou News responsible editor: pomelo copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement please timely contact

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