Zhao Benshan’s disciple Pangya shared a recent photo, like a change of a person, the net users call it hard to recognize

Zhao Benshan had many disciples, each of whom had a good development.Although they are both students of Zhao Benshan, they have great differences in personality and pursuit of life.Everyone has changed over the years.Zhao benshan’s disciple Pangya has recently been exposed, and now it is surprising to see her like this.Before fat ya, grow very short.So he looked very small and unlikeable.Her face, sallow and bloodstained, was not at all like that of a beautiful woman.Although she is not very beautiful, but she is very talented, in many people’s eyes, is very popular.Since he is a disciple of Zhao Benshan, it shows that he has strong strength, otherwise he would not worship Zhao Benshan as a teacher.Now fat ya and before completely different, especially appearance.In the process of live broadcast, you can see the fat ya’s body is more and more beautiful, the figure is more and more symmetrical, completely different from before.Internet users are complimenting her on how beautiful, feminine and special she is.Fat ya put on a delicate makeup, hair is very fashionable, dressed up very fashionable.With a happy smile on her face and a gleam of excitement in her eyes, she flaunts her talent for the camera.Compared with the fat ya before, it is completely different from two people, this time she is really too beautiful.Fat ya’s life is bitter enough, because he was suspected of selling fake drugs, was banned by the relevant departments.Therefore, fatty’s reputation plummeted, everyone had a very deep impression on her, and her husband, Yang Woods, has not abandoned her.Poplar forest did not give up because of fat ya life low tide, he has been waiting for her, accompany her.The relation of two people is very good, do not have what change, say poplar forest likes fat ya very much.Fat ya also posted a video of her husband dancing yangko in her circle of friends. She wore a red dress and looked very happy, dancing in front of the camera.

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